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Latest online games – Upgrade Completer

Upgrade completer is one of the new online games featured  on our website.Upgrade Completer is a very complex free online game, that's why i decided  to compose a review about it, togheter with some useful hints for those who might find it too hard .So Here's what you need  to do: as the name of the latest free online game says, you need  to make  upgrades.The entire idea of the free online game is easy as that: upgrade,upgrade,and  keep upgrading till you end the game,so you begin by purchasing some options, after  you complete  your upgrade options the next part it's the ship editor, here you have to upgrade  your ship. as you are going to see  , you can place a lot varieties of upgrades on your ship like: pistol module , laser module etc. These are design to serve you strike the targets, but you also have options that help  you to defend  your ship. One of them is the boost module - it improves vertical movement speed - and the another option that helps  your defense  is the foil module  - it increase  horizontal move speed. Be very prudent which options your are heading to activate, and look at your money carefully , due to the fact that if you don’t opt for the correct options  the latest online game is gonna  be really tough. I'm not going to tell  more simply because you also may want to discover the free online game yourself . Once The fight  starts and you need  to annihilate the  opponent ships and now it matters how you upgraded  your ship.
Some hints regarding this upgrades follow.It is very  imperative to purchase some grid space on front of your ship and improve your ship with at least 2 or 3 laser modules. Your basic goal is to damage the opposite ships and get through the wave. With a couple  of laser modules you can obtain your goal in first waves but, after that you really  need  to get more guns. As in any other game, this latest free online game is becoming harder  during  the waves. If the first  wave is piece of cake, after a few waves it's getting  much harder and the upgrades are very necessary. Also, it's really necessary to improve your ship with some magnet module so you can obtain gold during the waves , gold that helps  you to upgrade  your ship and, more important , and finish the free online game. I forgot to talk  something about upgrading  your weapons : try to get them to lvl 5. It's imperative to improve your existing  weapons! Another important option is “detonate” and, through the waves, you can use  it by pressing space. This option helps a lot on upper waves like 14-15 where you seriously need some extra  power and big guns.
As a conclusion , in order to play this latest  online game you don’t have to be a awesome gamer , you only need just a little creativity to construct/design your ship, position  your guns  and stuff, and aim for the others ships.
After you got the most efficient upgrades and firearms, you can easily  damage all the ships and go through the waves very fast.
I found the newest free game very captivating and addictive. Once you start playing , you can't stop until you end it. At least, that's my case.
I hope this review it going to help you get a lot upgrades, destroy  as many ships as possible and win. Have fun destroying ships and upgrading.

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