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Latest online games – Epic War weapons and units

Epic War is one of the latest online games displayed on our website. Epic war is a battling game with lots of characters and a lot of upgrades for each one. I find the game very interesting and addictive and that's why I made the decision to create a review about it, together with some suggestions for those who might find it too complicated.
In this review I want to talk about soldiers, powers and equipments. I'm going to begin with units . Beside the Hero, a lot more troops are available for you. I'm not going to identify all of them, but I will identify the most important soldiers. You can use 6 soldiers on a level . First I want to inform you that Pop. Size means population size (how many soldiers you can use during the stage).
I will begin with the Hero, in my case the Skull Knight Warrior (Health 1700, Attack 120, geared up with Cooper Shield damage received –5%) You can arm each of your soldiers only with one weapon.
I will continue with the Goblin (Health 85, Attack 69, Pop. Size 12). If you equip them with Gold Sword damage going to rise with 15%.
The Taurus Oxen (Health 440, Attack 65, Pop . Size 6). If you arm them with Silver Armor, their health is going to increase with 10%. These are very helpful soldiers due to the fact they have a lot Health and they live many attacks .
The Elf Hunter (Health 140, Power 36, Pop. Size 6). If you equip them with Copper Sword, their damage is going to boost with 5%. Important units for long range distance.
The Elderly Wizard (Health 115, Power 55, Pop. Size 2), equipped with Copper Armor (Health +5%).
The Amazon (Health 350, Attack 90, Pop. Size 3), armed with Silver Shield (Damage received – 10%). Just as the Taurus Oxen, these are very useful because of their significant amount of health.
The Centaurion (Health 260, Attack 44, Pop. Size 4), armed with Silver Sword (Damage +10%)
The little Hobbit (Health 80, Attack 15, Pop. Size 8) is helpful in earliest levels .
I will go on with the skills for each: The Skull Knight Warrior (First Aid – self healing, Rage – temporary increase assault power , Attack +50 – it adds 50 points to highest attack , Health +250 – it adds 250 points to greatest health, Castle defense – it builds a Castle defense). The Castle defense allows you to strike the objectives and is also regenerating HP.
The Goblin (Health +10 – it adds 10 points to maximum health, Attack +20 – it adds 20 points to highest attack, Max. Pop +2, Rage – temporary expand assault strength ).
The Taurus Oxen (Health +50, Attack +10,+ 20 and +50, Maximum unit population, Rage). It’s one of my preferred soldiers, a immense power of assault from the start and is getting even better with the options I just mentioned about.
The Elf Hunter (Health +10, Attack +5 and +10, Maximum population +2, Rain of arrows – shoot a rain of arrows).As I already discussed these units are very useful on long range distance especially because the Rain of arrows.
The Elderly Wizard (Health +10, Attack +5 and +10, Maximum population +1, Mega Heal – heal spell level 2). The Mega Heal is a very useful solution during the harder stages.
The Amazon ( Health +100, Attack +10, Higher unit population +1).
The Centaurion (Health +10, Attack +20, Tower Arrow – It builds an arrow tower).
I want to specify that these are just the primary skills , once you are getting on higher levels new skills are going to be accessible in this new free game.
You may want to discover the newest online games, especially the Epic war game and see for yourself more about skills and soldiers. Have fun finding these.

You can play this great free online game following this link: Epic War.
I love playing games very much and therefore started the Fresh Free Online Games initiative, where you can play the latest online games.

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