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Latest free games - Town Of Fears Characters

Town of Fears is one of the latest free game featured on our website. Town of Fear is a RPG adventure game with multiple characters and each can be equiped and upgraded, and each has different skills.
I like playing RPG games very much and I find this latest free game Town of Fears very intersting and addictive and in this review I will tell you why. I also liked the story of the latest online game and thats why I decided to write a review about it, togheter with some helpful hints for those who might find it too difficult.

In this review I want to talk about all characters from the latest free game.
The first one is Detective Marco who camed to Town of Fears to catch a serial killer, but in order to cath the serial killer Detective Marco needs to fight with all kind of creatures.
The second character is the Librarist also named Simon the Librarian.
When Detective Marco meets the Librarist he also meets Angela Hudson and Last Flake, and he join them on the pack.
Later in the latest free game you can choose between two womans Angela and the Anna Hostings.
The last one is Head Hunter also named Jack who is closed onto a facility for the mentally ill peoples.
Jack has a important role in sealing the Ancient Fear.
After I told you about all characters now I want to describe their skills, since I already described Detective Marco, I will start describing the Librarist.
Simon the Librarian has the following skills:
- The first one is Cleansing: Multiple shots with base damage on opponent HP (5% of foe HP each shot) Minimum damage is 15 per shot. Cooldown 5 turns.
The second is Heal - Defensive: Spell wich heals the user. Enemy doesnt do any damage in the following turn.Cooldown 7 turns.
The third is Runic Words - Passive: Foes receive 40% of damage they did. Automatticaly penetrates armor.
The last one is Runic Body - Passive: Foes do 8% less damage. Does not weaken Runic Words.

After your journey with Simon the Librarian you have to choose with who you are going to continue the latest online game. You can choose between Angela Hudson and Last Flake, my advice is to choose Last Flake, shes much better. And I will tell you why, well Last Flake got 100 HP , Angela Hudson got only 80 HP, Damage its the same 20 for both, but Angela gots Concetration 3 and Last Flake only 1. Anyway I played with both but in my opinion Last Flake its better. I will describe their skills and I will start with Angela Hudson.
- The first one is Diamant Shot – Ultimate: Multiple shots with regular damage. Cooldwon 7 turns.
- The second is  Focus – Defensive: Single shots with regular damage (105%). Reduces cooldown of ulti by 1. Cooldown 9 turns.
- The third one is Shadow Clone – Passive: Gives a 5% chance to avoid being hit and 5%, chance to reduce all cooldown by 1.
- The last one is Poisouns Shell – Passive: Each hit has 5% chance to do triple damage.
I will continue with Last Flake skills:
- The first one is Bite – Ultimate: Single hit with 80% more damage but needle moves 3% faster and 10% damage is converted to the users HP. Cooldown 7 turns.
- The second is Rage – Defensive: Multiple hits with regular damage, but hit area is 10% smaller. Each hit with this skill drains 3 HP from user. Cooldown 5 turns.
- The third one is Regeneration – Passive: Regenerates 4 percent of total life each turn.
- The last one is Acceleration – Passive: Needle move slower by 5%.
Another reason why I choosed Last Flake is because at Rage skills, the needle is moving slower , and you can aim a lot better.
And the last character is Jack the Head Hunter best character of the game in my opinion, he got more HP (120)than Detective Marco (100), and he got much better skills. And I will also describe his skills:
        The first one is Tiger Claw – Ultimate: Single shots with 50% more damage. But needle moves 5% faster. Cooldown 2 turns.
The second is Viper Move – Defensive: Single shot with regular damage wich heals the user. Cooldown 7 turns.
The third is Tortoise Pose – Passive: Foes does 10% less damage and you regenerate 2% of total life.
The last one is Eagle Eye – Passive: Hit area is larger by 10%.
And here I want to give you a hint, try to update the Tiger Claw as much as you can, its very efficient because of his Cooldown, only 2 turns, and it deals a lot damage, especially if your aim is good.

I hope thiw review is going to help you choose the best character to play with, and to destroy as many demons as you can.

You can play this great free online game following this link: Town of Fears.

I love playing games very much and therefore started the Fresh Free Online Games initiative, where you can play the latest free games.

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